sábado, 21 de junho de 2008

Jen Worden, decididamente apaixonada por Portugal

Encased Love (L'amour en cage)

Home 1 - Love

Challenge 8 - Simplicity
Challenge 5

Challenge 4 - Citrus

The Clown House

With love from Portugal

10 Things about Portugal

4 comentários:

Jen disse...

Muito obrigado a mostrar o meu trabalho. Sim. Estou apaixonado por Portugal. Alguns dias. Vou lá vivem. :)

(traduzido usando o Google - Peço desculpa se não aparecer uma boa razão!)

Fresquinha disse...

Hello Jen,

It is an honour having your comments here. I love your work and honestly, most of my readers do as well.
Are you moving to Portugal ? For good ? Where to ? Algarve ? I might go there and check on your work personally. Please keep in touch. Cherioo.

Jen disse...

Fresquinha, thank you again for your kind words. No, unfortunately we aren't moving to Portugal any time soon. Though I would LOVE to!

Fresquinha disse...


As you were saying "Vou lá vivem" and that means that you are coming to live here, I thought you're movinfg here. Bad translation from Google.

It is so easy for foreigners to live in Portugal. It's just a matter of wanting to. Right ?