segunda-feira, 8 de setembro de 2008

tributo a Heath Ledger

God, keep your son Heath in a good place,

He who felt the pain of a gay man's self-denial,

With a broken voice under a mountain of shame,

Who humbly asked for acceptance and accepted himself in the end,

He who went beyond movie-star good looks

To search for the core of our common humanity,

Who was never more than an Aussie lad with a crooked grin,

He who plunged in the depths of insanity to look evil in the face,

To show us the ugly joke of addiction,

Who turned himself inside out with fearless surrender to his art,

He who wanted to live, and died of an accidental overdose,

Who needed a peace he could not find,

May he rest in that place from where great artists, their lives cut

short, enjoy whatever we the living learn from their art.

God, keep Heath Ledger in the peace he deserves.

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